Justin Bieber Makes The Brits Go Apesh*t

Across the pond as he is in North America, Justin Bieber is IT.  According to the UK’s Digital Spy, fans swarmed the BBC London studios were teeny Canadian Bieber was being interviewed by GMTV morning show. 

Bieber is in London to promote his single, “Baby.”  The fans are just eating him up.  Fear not, Britannia.  Bieber will be back later this year to play some live shows.  And FYI, he’s “looking forward to it.”  Yayyyyyyyy.

Asked if he’d ever date a fan, Bieber answered that he wouldn’t rule it out.

“I think that it just depends – it depends what the situation is. I think that I’m not going to limit myself.”

You’re 16-years-old and still very green, Bieber.  Don’t assume you’ll date one of your fans.  People are weird.  Hysterical fans are weirder.

“You are a 16 going on 17….”  Sorry.  What were we talking about?

Bieber covered his Chaddycakes locks with a vibrant Yankees cap while making his way through hordes of fandemonium outside BBC Radio 1 on March 18th, 2010.

Update: Thanks to our sassy British correspondent, ron for clarifying that GMTV is BBC’s rival.  It’s all for you, ron burgundy.  xo- dumb ass.