Justin Bieber Does Hannibal Lector For CSI

The new CSI promo – which you can watch after the jump – shows Justin Bieber in concert and then dramatically behind bars, giving us some fierce Hannibal Lector face.

Executive producer Carol Mendelsohn told MTV News JB’s character, Jason McCann, is certainly a different kind of guy than Justin Bieber.

She said: “He’s a troubled young man, raised in the foster-care system, whose hard-luck life has left him scarred and angry. At the end of the episode, we’re left with the question: Is Jason a good kid stuck in a bad situation or is Jason a bad kid hiding behind his cuteness? You can see why Justin was such a perfect choice to play this role. … It’s an explosive story.”

No, he was a perfect choice because they want tweens to get hooked on the damn CSI show!

Check out a somewhat shy Biebs last night at the X Box event at the Fantasy Factory in LA!