Justin Bieber – Tweetaholic

Teen heart throb, Justin Bieber – seriously? This kid is only 15. Don’t get me started on this…

Justin Bieber is currently in the UK promoting his new album “My World” to his fans oversea. How do we know? Because the kid is staying up way past his bed time to tweet to the world and let them know where he is, reported Gather.com. See below for tweets.

about 20 hours ago from UberTwitter
About to go perform in front of the palace…hope the queen doesn’t call in a noise complaint..

about 21 hours ago from UberTwitter
Good day London.. Just been on duck tour thru the city

about 22 hours ago from UberTwitter
THAN 2 DAYS UNTIL “BABY” feat Ludacris HITS ITUNES!!! get ready to
Bieberblast. Lets go #1!!! CHUCK NORRIS SAID DO IT..haha. thanks
9:32 PM Jan 16th from web

“Bieberblast”? Now what the hell is that….

Even better, they call female Bieber fans, “Biebettes” and every last one of them shrieked with joy as he left his record label
in London.

The Canadian internet pop sensation’s album “My World” hit
the top of the UK iTunes charts last week. – 01/18/2010