Justin Timblerlake & Amanda Seyfried Get Patriotic For W Magazine [PHOTOS]

Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried pose as the picture-perfect political couple the cover of W Magazine’s October 2011 issue.

The In Time co-stars talked romance, sex scenes and Justin talked about one of this biggest hits. Here’s what they had to say…

PHOTOS: A Wet And Shirtless Justin Timberlake

Justin on what is romantic to him: “To me, romance is not just about love. I recently saw Lust, Caution, and it’s tragic and romantic. I don’t know how they shot those [sex] scenes. Those scenes looked crazy.”

Amanda on finding the romance in every role she plays: “It’s [In Time] set in the future, where money buys you time. My character falls in love with Justin’s character—she wants to give him all the time he needs so he can save the world. It’s very romantic. No matter what’s happening in my life, I can always get lost in the romances of my characters.”

More from the interview…

Justin on “bringing sexy back”: “It does seem brash. But truthfully, I didn’t see myself in that song. I wanted people to feel as if they were saying the lyrics themselves. I imagined guys and girls, and guys and guys, and girls and girls singing it to each other in Ibiza or in a club in Manhattan or at a huge open-air festival. At the end of the day, I hope it was a song that people used. Because that was always my experience with music—I put myself in the mind and movement of the artist. I don’t think Michael Jackson really thought he was “bad,” but you felt like you were bad when you sang that song.”

Amanda on acting in sex scenes: “Sex scenes are great. A lot of my costars have been sexy guys my age, and so, why not? I’m not going to pretend it’s not fun. Justin was great—he had come from doing ‘Friends With Benefits,’ where he basically had sex every day at work—and so it was easy for both of us.”

Justin on the audition process: “In films, I didn’t crave the type of attention I had sort of stumbled into in my music career. And I do not audition well. I’m really not good at it. Early on, I did movies like ‘Alpha Dog’ and ‘Black Snake Moan’ because the directors didn’t ask me to audition.”

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