Justin Timberlakes Saves The Earth, Receives EMA To Prove It

Damn, environmentalists have gotten a lot sexier since the smelly tree huggers wanting me to sign petitions outside of my bio-chem class in college.

Dressed in what I can only assume is an eco-friendly black suit and rugged black boots, Justin Timberlake, accepted the EMA Futures Award at the Environmental Media Association Awards in Burbank, California.

Stalker girlfriend nowhere to be found

Photos: Even His Sex Is On Fire

It only makes sense that JT would be the recipient of a “Futures Award,” as he seems to be dominating our culture in all the best ways. He owns his own eco-friendly golf course in Memphis, he sexed up (and sexted) Mila Kunis and Amanda Seyfried this year and he just might be what our country needs to get out of this recession! Dare to disagree?

Make sure to check out the slew of other sexy tree huggers like Nicole Richie, Amy Smart and Emily VanCamp who graced the green carpet on Saturday.