Justin Timberlake: Grammy Awards 2013 [PHOTOS]

Well hello there, Mr. Justin Timberlake! Now here is a man who knows how to work a ‘Suit & Tie’ just fine! OK, so technically he’s sporting a tux, but how else am I supposed to make a ‘Suit & Tie’ joke?

Justin hit the red carpet at the 2013 Grammy Awards sporting quite the lovely Tom Ford tux and that signature smile of his. Also, is it just me or is his hair getting super long again? Serious question: think he has to straighten it? We’ve all seen what happens when he lets it go long naturally!

While Justin is not a nominee at tonight’s awards, he will be wowing audiences with a performance of ‘Suit & Tie.’ Part of me is REALLY hoping he’ll pull a Beyonce at the Super Bowl and bring on ‘N SYNC, sing ‘Tearin’ Up My Heart’ and then announce that they’re going on tour. Come on Justin, please?