Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel Indulge In Some Adorable PDA

Justin Timberlake's Looks
Justin probably is regretting these past looks.
Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel arrived back from a vacation in Barbados today, and even just strolling through the airport together they proved that they’re one of the cutest celebrity couples out there.

As they dealt with their bags, Justin and Jessica stopped to share a passionate kiss in the middle of everything, not even trying to hide it. Talk about some shameless PDA. I love it. 

I also love how Jessica shamelessly grabbed Justin’s butt while she was kissing him. He does have a nice butt, so I definitely don’t blame her.

Justin and Jessica are beyond adorable, (just check out these pictures of them both wearing suits and you’ll see what I mean) and these kissing pictures just further my point. They’re not hiding their love for each other, even in front of those pesky paparazzi. It’s so cute I can barely take it. The very in love couple spend some time in Barbados together in honor of Jessica’s 32nd birthday.

There’s no song for 32 (get on that, Taylor Swift), so I can’t serenade her, but happy belated birthday Jessica! Justin apparently serenaded her at her birthday dinner, which is way better if you ask me. Lucky girl, having Justin Timberlake to sing to her. Sigh.

The couple had a very relaxing time in Barbados, playing golf at the resort, having nice meals, an even chartering a private boat to take them wake boarding. What an amazing birthday celebration.