Justin Timberlake And Andy Samberg Fear Lady Gaga

Sure, Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg are kind of a big deal.  But even big deals get nervous when asking a lady if she’d like to engage in a videotaped three-way.

New York Daily News reports that Lady Gaga didn’t know why it was so difficult for Timberlake and Samberg to ask her to partake in their Saturday Night Live digital short, 3-Way (The Golden Rule).  “I wish that they filmed the backstage scenario as both Justin and Andy Samberg tried simultaneously to pitch this idea to me and they both choked on the way in,” she told the radio show Mojo In The Morning today.

“Justin was like ‘Umm so umm, we have a skit idea and umm, well I’m not really good at this I’ll have Andy tell you.’ Then Andy came and was like ‘Well umm bluh blah we have this skit idea.’ Then they both came in finally and they told me the story and I’m like, ‘Guys, I get it.’ They’re like ‘We really like each other.'”

VIDEO: Watch 3-Way (The Golden Rule)

Gaga didn’t get why Timberlake and Samberg thought the skit would be so funny.  Is she kidding?

“I said, ‘I mean I’ll do it but I don’t get why it’s funny,'” Gaga, who made an appearance at Best Buy in New York yesterday, added. “And they’re like “It’s a three-way. We want to do a three-way.”