Justin Timberlake And Amanda Seyfriend Shoot Scenes For ‘In Time’

Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried shot scenes for their upcoming thriller, In Time in downtown Los Angeles.  Seyfried, who should seriously consider keeping that wig, showed off her slim figure in a little black ensemble hidden beneath an overcoat.

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We kind of dig the premise of In Time, which follows a handsome vagabond from the ghetto who is on the run after receiving credits from a wealthy gent (played by Matt Bomer).  Life ends at 26 for character in this movie, and time is the only form of currentcy.  Those who can afford it purchase credits to extend their life, but aging stops at age 26 (which is why it’s appropriate for Olivia Wilde to play Timberlake’s mother).  Seyfried plays a wealthy young lady whom Timberlake takes as his hostage.