Justin Theroux Wants Jennifer Aniston To Manage Her Money Better, But She’s More Interested In Matchmaking

I love when celebrities try to get involved in each other’s lives – it makes everyone else’s lives so much more interesting as we watch how everything plays out.

Justin Theroux went to visit Jennifer Aniston on the set of her new movie Cake recently, and the stars ducked into a car together to get a little alone time. It’s so cute how involved in each others lives they are. Is Justin trying to get a little too involved in Jennifer’s life though? 

Apparently, Justin is constantly pitching ideas to Jennifer for how she can invest her money better and expand her fortune. Is there a little bit of gold digging going on here, Justin? Shame shame.

Jennifer doesn’t seem to be as interested in money as she is in romance though – that is, other people’s romance. Jennifer has been rumored to be trying to set up her newly single gal pal Gwyneth Paltrow up with the also single Orlando Bloom. Hm, interesting. I don’t really think I see it?

Jennifer has been one of Gwyneth’s main supporters since her split with longtime husband Chris Martin, and has even had Gwyneth over for sleepovers to help get her mind off of everything. I hope there’s lots of Ben and Jerry’s involved. That’ll do the trick.

I’m still not so sure about the whole Gwyneth and Orlando thing though. I know you want to try your hand at matchmaking, Jennifer, but don’t pull a career change just yet. I think that skill still needs some work.