Justin Theroux Talks Jennifer Aniston, STD Art And His Hatred Of Tevas With GQ

In an interview with the October issue of GQ, Justin Theroux, 42, the actor and finance of Jennifer Aniston, revealed thirteen things that we probably don’t know about him. Here are some of the highlight’s from the interview.

Justin Theroux on how his relationship with Jennifer Aniston has changed his life:
“It’s a bit like going to a slightly different altitude, you know?” he says. The paparazzi—“I call them photojournalists, actually,” he says—can be a drag. And “when I get complimented on the street because I’m having twins”—that’s weird, too.

More from Justin… 

…on the interesting items Aniston wouldn’t let him keep in their home:
“I have these beautiful wax-museum pieces—handmade, from the 1800s—from a museum of curiosities. They’re just these open mouths, with tongues, and in the throats are different stages, labeled, of syphilis and gonorrhea and whatever.” He pauses in a way that makes clear his betrothed drew the line at gonorrhea. “Those definitely found a great place in my office in L.A.,” Theroux says. “They weren’t going to be above the fireplace anytime soon.”

…on being terrible at sports:
“That’s one of the things Jen loves about me.”

…on the animals that he and Aniston adopted with their new house:
The many-million-dollar Bel Air mansion he and Aniston just bought came with its own poultry: six chickens. “We inherited the chickens from the previous owners,” Theroux says. “They were like, ‘Of course we’ll get rid of the chickens,’ and we said, ‘Are you crazy? Don’t get rid of the chickens. That’s half the reason we wanted this place.’ ”

…on the type of footwear he cannot stand:
“I have a real issue with the makers of Tevas. Not only should there never be Velcro on any shoe; there should not be Velcro and neoprene on a shoe. Then there definitely should not be Velcro, neoprene, and some sort of beaded Indian print. I know: They’re comfortable. Lots of things are comfortable. I could put my feet in kneaded dough and walk down the street. That’s comfortable, but I’m not going to do it, you know? Ridiculous.”

I’m guessing there must have been some sort of horrific Teva event that Justin was involved in as a young boy. He might want to talk about that with someone.

The October Style Manual issue of GQ is on newsstands nationwide September 24. You can read more of Justin Theroux’s GQ interview at GQ.com. Watch a behind-the-scenes look at Justin Theroux’s shoot for the GQ October 2013 issue below.

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