Justin Theroux Shows Off His Super Sexy Brother In NYC [PHOTOS]

Oh my gawd! Who knew that Justin Theroux had the hottest brother in the history of brothers!?

Jennifer Aniston’s future husband was spotted walking around New York City yesterday (March 4) with his little brother, Sebastian. How ridiculous and amazing is it that they’re both wearing the exact same outfit? Clearly a love of leather jackets runs in the Theroux family.

Sadly, we don’t know too much about uber hottie Sebastian, other than he was born in 1989 (thanks IMDb!) which makes him in the 23 to 24 region. Think Sebastian is excited about Justin’s impending nuptials to Jennifer? 

Also, why didn’t Sebastian join Justin and Jennifer during their Mexican holiday in December? I’m thinking he’d look particularly sexy in a swimsuit. Guys, I won’t lie, I’m already imaging my life as Mrs. Sebastian Theroux. I feel like this could be very much be a thing.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Justin and Sebastian in New York. Anybody else think Sebastian is the hottest thing they’ve seen all day? How does he measure to other hot celebrity brothers? Sound off in the comments!