Justin Theroux Pulls Off A Cop Suit So Well On The Set Of ‘The Leftovers’

Holy lord. There is nothing more I love than a man in uniform and Justin Theorux definitely does his cop get up justice.

Hey Jennifer Aniston, we here at SOCIALITE LIFE are extremely jealous of you.

Mr. Theroux was spotted filming his new HBO movie, The Leftovers in New York City obviously looking incredible. The handsome 41-year-old actor plays police chief Kevin Garvey, a father of two who is trying to maintain normalcy in the community.

Based on Tom Perrotta’s book, The Leftovers (also starring Liv Tyler) is about a small town recovering after an Armageddon takes place.

Justin’s new movie seems great and all, but what the world really is craving to know is when are him and Jen going to finally tie the knot. After their engagement last August, the couple has been keeping America waiting and frankly, we want them to just get hitched already!

According to the Daily Mail, the couple is hesitant to become Mr. and Mrs. Theroux because they are unsure of which side of the US they want to settle down in.

A source claims that, “Justin has really tried to like living in Los Angeles, but he just doesn’t. It’s not his vibe, he loves the energy and grittiness of New York City.”

C’mon guys, figure it out so we can see your huge, celebrity fabulous nuptials already.

Check out Jen’s man on the set of  The Leftovers above.