Justin Theroux Looks Too Cool For Words In New York

Justin's Hot Bro!
Seems like good looks run in the Theroux family.
Well here’s a couple we haven’t seen in a while!

Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston have been flying under the radar lately but that didn’t stop them from making an appearance in New York yesterday.

The couple left their hotel for some much needed retail therapy at Barney’s.  I know this because that’s where we spotted Justin later in the day.  I love a man who can shop.

Justin wasn’t in New York just to spoil his fiancé, he was there to promote his new show The Leftovers.  

The HBO series is about a community of people left behind after a global “Rapture”.  Sounds semi-interesting, although I am a little over all of this apocalypse nonsense.  I’m just glad Justin has a new show, especially since we’ll get to see him as a sexy cop in the series.

Speaking of which at The Leftovers premiere on Monday, Justin was asked what he would miss if he was left behind in an actual rapture.  Of course he said he would miss Jen the most and obviously would want to bring her with him.

He is too cute for words.  We love how he’s so into her.  My only problem is that they’ve been engaged for about 50,000 years.  Ok it hasn’t been that many, but still their engagement has drug on long enough.  I’m not sure how much longer I can wait for this wedding.  Part of me feels like it will never happen.

Well at least we’ll get to see more of Justin Theroux from now on since his show premieres on Sunday.

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