Justin Theroux Looks Sexy In A Cop Uniform On The Set Of ‘The Leftovers’

No, you’re not seeing things. Yes, that is Justin Theroux standing next to a very bloody body. You’re not crazy, and I swear, neither is he.

Justin sported a cop outfit and hung out next to a bloodied up body on the set of his new TV series The Leftovers. It may just be acting, but those pictures are pretty convincing. Both the body and the sexy cop outfit. 

Justin looked pretty good in his cop uniform costume and dark sunglasses, posing menacingly next to the body taped to a tree. Creepy and attractive at the same time. I wonder how well he’ll pull of the role of brooding cop?

The Leftovers is a TV series that focuses on the aftermath of a rapture, and the people who were left behind. Ugh, scary. That doesn’t sound like the most uplifting of shows, but as long as there’s not an excess of blood I’m on board to watch.

I wonder if Jennifer Aniston likes her man’s new role and costumes? She’d be pretty crazy not to. I hope we get to see these two being adorable together again sometime soon, maybe this time on Justin’s set. You never know.