Justin Theroux Gets Sultry For ‘Interview Magazine’, Shares His Biggest Pet Peeve

You’d think that Justin Theroux’s biggest pet peeve would be like, the paparazzi.

Or constantly having stories made up about him in the tabloids. Or the constant questions about the state of his relationship with Jennifer Aniston. But no, Justin has regular old pet peeves like the rest of us.

“Sandals really bum me out. I don’t want to see feet. A strapless shoe can look sexy on a girl, but anything that exposes a man’s feet is…” There’s plenty more to appreciate about Justin’s interview with this month’s Interview Magazine, but this was my favorite bit.

Although the whole article is really awesome. In it, Justin chats with friend Amy Sedaris about all things that bother him, his life working in the circus and even name drops Jennifer a few times.

Fun fact: he’s also the cover of this month’s Details magazine, where he shows off his shirtless body. Yes please.

Shirtless Justin Theroux

Launch the gallery to check out some super sexy photos of Justin from Interview Magazine, and make sure to check out the rest of the interview, too. I really like this guy. Like, a lot. Good job, Jennifer Aniston.