Justin Bieber’s Fans Have Named His Penis Jerry, Won’t Let Him Leave London [PHOTOS]

April 27th, 2012 // 3 Comments

Justin Bieber has been in London to promote his new album Believe, and their has been mass fan hysteria surrounding his visit.

‘Bieber Fever’ struck outside Justin’s West London hotel, as girls camped out for days to see a glimpse of the 18 year-old pop star.

Some even ran into the road and tried to stop his car with their bodies. Like a human road block. Yes, really. One fan even sat on his car so he couldn’t leave.

His young fans have also give Justin’s penis a name – Jerry. 

While appearing on the UK’s Capital FM, Bieber agreed to answer fans’ questions on Twitter. The deejay mentioned that when he’d asked for questions the previous night, someone said to ask Justin how “Jerry” is enjoying London. When the deejay responded, “Who is Jerry?” the phrase began trending on Twitter worldwide. Then, the deejay found out that “Jerry” is the fans’ nickname for “Little Bieber.”

“My fans are a little inappropriate,” Bieber responded when the deejay related the story.

Check out Justin’s tweet from the wild fan scene.



By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. 52 year old Mom in Ohio


  2. I find it interesting that Justin has named his penis “Jerry”, because I’ve been calling mine Bieber! Why? Because @ 75, when I get up in the night to go to the washroom, I say to myself… Justin time!

  3. I went to a JB concert last summer, and i do have to admit that i probably will never forget it:) me and my best friend lost ALOT of sleep the night before in anticipation of it:) She grabbed great tickets from Ticketsreview.com and the day of we actually sat around in our JB t-shirts singing along to his CDs….. haha now i like bieber and ..anyway I’m glad someone else is as crazy over bieber as i was:)

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