Justin Bieber’s And His Chic Lil’ Backpack [PHOTOS]

April 13th, 2012 // 1 Comment

We were enchanted by photos of Justin Bieber graciously taking photos with fans in Miami last night when…what’s this!  An MCM backpack not unlike those my aunts used to tote around!  

Forget North Face, and don’t even mention EastPak or L.L. Bean.  This little baller opted for German brand Mode Creation Munich.

According to Rolling Stone, Bieber will collaborate with Taylor Swift on his upcoming third album, Believe.  Bieber made the announcement yesterday on U.K.’s Capital FM Radio.  The beat will have a bit of country in it, because Bieber doesn’t want to stay with just one sound on the album.  

Drake, Timbaland, Kanye West, Usher and Diplo will also add their talents to the album.

By Kelly Lynch

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    You may want to see the movie first. I felt similar until I saw the movie. I acltauly took my two nieces, my homework and my earphones to listen to my iPod. I had my earphones in for a few minutes and took them off to get popcorn and came back and then it happened . It is a documentary of his life and how he got where he is it is amazing for this young kid to have a dream at such a young age and acltauly see it through. (I really can’t believe I am saying this) Just go see it…… Honestly, you will get something out of it even if it is just confirmation of how you feel…. I doubt it though…. I don’t think you will need to find a place to buy the shirt .

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