Justin Bieber Would Rather Bring A Hamster On Tour With Him Than Selena [PHOTOS]

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Between mechanical angel wings, and spontaneous vomiting, Justin Bieber’s Believe Tour is just one big circus.

The singer, who is currently on his 3rd national headlining tour, has decided to up the ante this time around. With suspensions, costume changes, and intricate dances throughout, nothing is too over the top for Bieber. Not only does the singer have over 30 people that travel with him on tour, but he even has a new pet on the road. Call it the Bieber Mascot.

The mascot comes in the form of a hamster that Bieber named “Pac.” The hamster was first mentioned in a tweet from his owner, introducing him to the world. Bieber later decided to have the Hamster accompany him to an actual red carpet event with his only other date being his friend, Alfredo Flores. Guess he’s really trying to fill the void left by Selena’s absence, huh?

Bieber later took a picture of his furry assistant resting in his hand and posted it via Instagram. It seems like there’s just no separating a man from his hamster! I wonder if Pac realizes that he will quickly become the worlds most well-traveled hamsters in existence.

Check out the gallery to see the newest Belieber, Pac the Hamster, and his owner Justin Bieber doing what he is known for, singing to screaming girls.