Justin Bieber Wants Everyone To Know He’s Not A Brat

Pop star Justin Bieber is trying to save face after accusations surfaced claiming that he was being a bit of a diva on an American Airlines flight from Los Angeles to Asia.  Sources allege that the teen heartthrob refused to take his seat when the plane was taking off  and rudely refused to sign an autograph when the pilot of the flight asked him for one.  Justin vehemently denied everything to TMZ warning his fans “not to believe everything you hear.”

Oh Justin, Justin, Justin.  It’s happened before so why should we believe you now?  Maybe you should take a step back and reevaluate your situation.  Or perhaps you should put a hold on your matchmaking duties and worry more about your reputation with your fans.  Maybe you can clear your head with a little more retail therapy with Selena.  What if the pilot was asking for your autograph for his 12-year-old daughter who’s a HUGE fan and you just crushed her heart by acting like a mini-douche?  Gotta think about these things BB.

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The Biebs was seen walking around the Walk of Fame rocking some very bright pink kicks on his way to dinner at Katsuya in Hollywood, CA.  He also made time to take pictures with fans and actually looked happy to oblige.  That’s more like it, Justin.  Don’t let your fans down if you want to keep your career going!