Justin Bieber Sits On His SUV As He Leaves Jail Because He’s Justin Bieber

Justin Has Wings!
The pop star wore wings during a show in the UK.
OK, at some point today we’ll stop writing about Justin Bieber, but that time is not now and let me tell you why.

The Biebs was released from a Miami jail earlier today, after having his bail set for only $2,500, and as he left he of course had to remind us he’s Justin Bieber. I mean, that’s the only reason why he would sit on his SUV and wave to his fans.

Maybe it’s just me, but if I was just released from jail I’d probably hide. 

Although then the headline of this story would have read, “Justin Bieber Hides From The Paparazzi As He Leaves Jail Because He’s Justin Bieber.” No matter what the dude does, we’re going to judge. Knowing his dedicated fans–who were busy typing #FreeJustinBieber on Twitter–he’ll be fine after this. But it will live on in our collective memory for a long time.

I can’t wait till Oprah does a sit down interview with him to talk about it. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Justin Bieber being a douche. Oh come on, you know you were waiting for me to say it.