Justin Bieber Shows Off His Dainty Ass & Underwear In Ibiza

Shirtless Justin
Bieber Shows Off His Manliness On A Yacht
Apparently, when you’ve recently been punched in the face you only feel comfortable showing your ass.

At least that is what 20-year-old Justin Bieber seemed to be thinking when he refused to show himself in Ibiza.

According to Celebuzz, Bieber has been spending time with Zac Efron, Kim Kardashian, and Michelle Rodriguez while in Spain, but he doesn’t seem too keen on being photographed after his feud with Orlando Bloom.

Seen here on August 3rd, newly shy singer Justin was spotted hiding beneath a towel while leaving the beach. The problem with wearing white underwear to the beach is that it does nothing in terms of coverage. Clearly, the tattoos are a dead giveaway as to exactly which douche-canoe human being we are looking at.

Justin’s bright orange shorts are obviously pulled down purposefully to reveal his round little baby ass. I suppose we can see this as a sort of gift to anyone on this planet who still has a modicum of respect for him.

Meanwhile, Orlando Bloom was getting high fives from Leonardo DiCaprio and the collective rest of respectable humanity.