Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Wear Their Love On Their Sleeves [PHOTOS]

Justin & Selena Beach It
Justin and Selena enjoy some fun in the sun!
Selena and Justin
The stars get cozy and share a kiss at the Laker's game.
In case you had any doubt that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are still in love, the duo have come to put your mind at ease.

They figure if they both wear hearts while together, then no one can doubt their relationship in the slightest. And it’s working! The teenage world’s hottest couple were spotted looking matchy yesterday (October 4) as they hit up Sky High Sports in Woodland Hills, CA. If you haven’t been to Sky High, let me ‘splain: it’s a giant room filled with trampolines. Yup.

Justin looked ready to jump in a shirt that read, “I love Drop Dead.” Don’t worry though, he doesn’t actually want you to drop dead. The shirt is manufactured by the Drop Dead clothing company. I think I prefer Selena’s heart shirt: a baggy, ripping sweater covered in the pattern. Although I’m not sure if her leather pants are appropriate for jumping?

It’s good to see that Justin is feeling better after his vomit accident on stage last weekend. You don’t want to be jumping around Sky High and then vomit on the little children around you. That’s just no fun. Also, how the hell did Justin and Selena survive in that place? Sure it’s big, but if the those two walk in you can bet that a shit ton of little children freaked out.

So what do you guys think of their heart style? Cute? Silly? More interested in both of their pants to notice the shirts? All fair things to comment about. Don’t forget to check out all the photos in the gallery!