Justin Bieber Rides A Horse As New Weed Scandal Emerges [PHOTOS]

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So, how many times during his horse ride do you think Justin Bieber uttered the phrase, “I’m on a horse”?

And indeed, he was. The pop superstar was spotted in North Hollywood yesterday (February 1) horseback riding with a few of his best friends. I won’t lie, seeing Justin Bieber on a horse is one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a while.

Although, Justin might be using the horseback riding to distract as from his latest pot scandal. Remember when he tried to distract us by taking his shirt off! Well Justin! It just won’t work! So what’s the dealio this time around? 

According to TMZ, more photos of Justin passing a blunt are being shopped around to several media outlets. The photos were allegedly taken on Thursday as Justin hung out with his friend Lil Za. Fun fact: Lil Za is the dude who got pulled over yesterday in Justin’s car for driving without a license.

Wow, Justin, you best enjoy that horse ride cause it looks like things are gonna get pretty crazy for you very soon. So for now just relax, pretend you’ve got a bow and arrow and enjoy. Launch the gallery to check out all the super entertaining photos of Justin on a horse. What do you think of the latest photo allegations? Sound off in the comments!