Justin Bieber Mobbed In Heathrow Airport, Smashes Photographer’s Camera [PHOTOS]

Justin Bieber's Jesus Tattoo
Bieber shows off his heavenly tribute tattoo.
Singer Justin Bieber was mobbed by female fans as he arrived at Heathrow Airport from Los Angeles on April 23, 2012 in London, UK.

The 18-year-old singer was surrounded by screaming follows, known as “Beliebers”, who desperately tried to get snaps of the singer, or reach out and touch him as he passed by.

Some were so overwhelmed by the star’s arrival that they broke down in tears, while others were restrained by security who shielded Bieber as he made his way through the airport.

As he tried calmly to pose for pictures with his fans, a lone security guard struggled to control the crowd, and Bieber was eventually forced to break into a run in a bid to flee to safety. As he did so, a passer-by who was taking pictures of the mayhem accidentally got in the young singer’s way, and Bieber careered into him, sending the man’s camera smashing to the ground. 

But Justin seemed far from fazed at the attention, and even took to Twitter to thank his fans of the warm reception. He Tweeted…