Justin Bieber Makes Out With Selena Gomez Look-A-Like [PHOTOS]

Justin Bieber in His undies
What happened to Justin's pants?
For his new music video of course!

Teen heart-throb, Justin Bieber, was spotted in downtown LA shooting scenes for his newest music video. He went for a decidedly 1950s look, complete with slicked back hair and a fancy sports car. 

All of that is fine and dandy, but really the most exciting part of Justin getting it on with a Selena Gomez look-a-like. 

I mean, honestly. She’s got the long black hair, the small face–I guess Justin just can’t imagine kissing someone who isn’t his lady love.  

Or, maybe he was just pissed that Selena couldn’t tell which one his fragrance was in the clip below and wanted to get back at her! I’m thinking the former. He just doesn’t seem that vindictive. Check out all the photos of the music video shoot in the gallery!