Justin Bieber Kicks Off Believe Tour, Vomits On Stage [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

Justin Bieber in His undies
What happened to Justin's pants?
Well, let’s just say that Justin Bieber had a most interesting Saturday night.

The teen heartthrob was belting it out on stage, taking in his fans, loving life when suddenly Mother Nature decided to pay a visit. Justin kicked off his Believe tour in Arizona last night and instead of having a great time, the singer got sick on stage.

No, I’m totally serious. In the middle of singing “Out of Town Girl”, Justin stopped, turned around, keeled over and vomited on stage. You can check out the video of the vomit fest after the jump. But be warned, it’s pretty gross. Also, Justin was definitely lip syncing so it actually takes a few seconds to realize he’s stopped singing. So what was the reason for Justin’s puke?

Apparently it was nerves and that most precious beverage, milk. Justin tweeted after the show:

Hopefully the singer will be all better for his next show. Too bad girlfriend Selena Gomez wasn’t around to console him. Although he probably would have just vomited on her.

Check out the video below! It’s pretty short, but also pretty gross. Don’t vomit!