Justin Bieber Is All Smiley In His Mugshot, No One Is Surprised About It

Open Letter To Justin Bieber
Can you stop being a douche?
UPDATE: Justin Bieber’s bail was just set at $2,500. That’s less than he spent at the strip club last night.

Did you hear? I’m sure you’ve heard by now. But if for some unknown reason you missed it, Justin Bieber was arrested this morning in Miami.

Non-Justin Bieber lovers, rejoice! See guys, everything that Jared Padalecki said the other day was correct. To give you a quick rundown of what happened: Justin was arrested for DUI in the early hours of Thursday morning after police got wind of him drag racing. He was driving with an expired license, resisted arrest and had prescription drugs in his system.

That is so much!!! 

I’ve gotta say, I’m kind of obsessed with his mug shot. As my favorite Doctor of Celebrity Gossip, Anne Helen Petersen, wrote on Facebook about this mug shot split, “Everything you need to know about the world’s turn against Bieber is summed up in the mugshot. Semiotics!”

Also, did you guys see the Tweet from the Miami Beach Police? They posted the smiling mug shot and wrote:

The mix of them Tweeting it at Bieber and the hashtag of “mug shot” in all caps is just so, so amusing for me. So, what do we think Selena Gomez’s thoughts are on all of this? I need her to Tweet!

Anyway, we’ll keep you updated on the Bieber goings ons, but for now, stare at his mug shot and laugh.