Justin Bieber Has Some Birthday Trouble In London, Tweets ‘Worst Birthday’ [PHOTOS]

The Justin Bieber Sex Doll
Oh no! Justin gets naughty?
Well it looks like turning 19 isn’t agreeing with Justin Bieber.

The teen popstar had big plans to celebrate his 19th birthday in London with a circus themed party, but all of that seems to have gone down hill rather quickly. According to E! News, Justin’s entourage got into a scuffle with the security at Circque du Soir, so Justin and his party–including rumored lady Ella-Paige Roberts Clark–left rather quickly.

According to The Daily Mail, the scuffle occurred after underage guests, like Justin’s BFF Jaden Smith, weren’t allowed it. And I thought it would have been because Justin was going around shirtless. Well, the security run-in definitely explains why he does not look happy leaving the club. Justin even got vocal about it on Twitter. 

The gas-mask wearing fella Tweeted:

And this was just a few hours after he Tweeted his excitement with, “Big night ahead.” And there definitely was! Just not in the way Mr. Beiber was hoping for.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos from Justin’s night out. What do we think of Ella? Also, am I the only person on the planet who didn’t know that Justin and Jaden were BFFs? Leave us your thoughts in the comments!