Justin Bieber Gets Naked For ‘Clash Magazine’, Performs In Fire At The Brit Awards

The Justin Bieber Sex Doll
Oh no! Justin gets naughty?
What did I do today? Sat in front of my computer for more hours than are natural. Ate some quinoa.

What did Justin Bieber do today? Showed up naked on the cover of Clash Magazine’s 100th issue and gave a pretty awesome performance–complete with fire!–at the 2016 Brit Awards. Clearly, one of us had a more interesting day than the other.

Oh, and Justin picked up the award for International Male Solo Artist. Have you seen the naked photo?

I mean, I wouldn’t kick him out of bed. Probably.

Justin Bieber in 'Clash Magazine' naked

So, is anyone else experiencing this weird thing where Justin doesn’t piss them off? I mean, that’s not say I love him, but maybe I don’t dislike him anymore? It’s a weird feeling. While I ponder this, you guys launch the gallery and check out all the super cool photos from his performance. And if you want to see it, please enjoy.