Justin Bieber Gets Emotional During Beachside Video Shoot

We’ve seen mugshots, leaving jail shots, and blatant I’m-above-all-this shots from our favorite teen star. Now we see a different side of the 19-year-old heartthrob – real emotions, and possibly regret.

After his Florida arrest for drag racing and DUI last week, Justin Bieber jetted off to Panama, with rumored girlfriend Chantel Jeffries, to get away from it all. He may be thinking about his mistakes more than he lets on though. Justin was spotted on a beach in Panama filming some sort of a video, and his reactions and gestures to the camera are pretty intense.

He displays sad, tortured facial expressions as he strolls and sings along the beach. Could this be an apology video to his fans? Whatever it is, it’s sort of nice to see the singer letting loose and maybe even caring a little bit about all the trouble he’s been causing recently, which has many people more than a little angry.

After his arrest and release, a lot of non-beliebers were outraged at the way Justin’s status and wealth seemed to excuse him from his law-breaking activities. The only charge that is sticking to him is resisting arrest, and people think that if he hadn’t been a rich white famous singer then he might not have gotten off so easy. Which, in all honesty, is probably true.

A lot of attention is also being drawn to the fact that Justin Bieber is not a citizen of the United States, which I always forget about. He’s been a part of us for what seems like forever. A group started a petition to have all immigrants treated like Justin Bieber has been through all of this, because he was given far more leniency than any other immigrant ever is.

The Canada native could have jeopardized his immigration status with his actions, but it will most likely take heavier charges to get that ball rolling. If it comes to light that there were drugs involved, then Justin could find himself in some actual serious trouble.

What would all the beliebers do if their fearless leader was shipped back to Canada? Oh, the riots it would cause. If Justin Bieber left, who would we gossip about?