Justin Bieber Gets Award At Tribeca, Fans Go Crazy [PHOTOS]

Meet Jerry
Also known as Justin's penis.
Oh hey Justin Bieber! Look at you winning fancy awards!

The teen-heartthrob was honored at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival with the award for Disruptive Innovation. What’s that you’re asking? Well, Justin and his manager, Scooter Braun, received the award for changing up the way the music industry works. Most notably for their use of the internet. 

If you’ll recall, Justin was discovered on YouTube and since then has become quite the internet savvy star. He even used his powers to launch the career of another Canadian internet star. But that’s not all he’s doing with his fame. 

Nope. Justin is even using it to talk shit about people who tried to ruin his life. Most notable, Mariah Yeater, who said Justin was her baby daddy. Check out the video below to hear the full report. 

And don’t forget to launch the gallery to check out photos from the Tribeca event. It’s worth just to see how ape-shit his fans go over him. It’s scary. 

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