Justin Bieber Fans Out For Blood For Best New Artist

One of the major shocks of the Grammy Awards last night was that a virtually unknown artist won Best New Artist – Esperanza Spalding, a jazz bassist and singer.

Well, Justin Bieber’s fans lost their shit. Immediately, the Beliebers took to Twitter to vent about Spalding’s win and eventually started changing her Wikipedia page…

“Bieber was robbed,” one fan tweeted. “He should have won best new artist! No-one even knows who this Spalding chick is.”

“‘Best New Artist’ should now be called ‘Artist You’ll Never Hear From Again,” wrote another.

And Eugene Ramirez had some advice for the judges; “The Grammy judges better watch their backs! A bunch of tween girls are out to get you now!”

And as for the Wiki page, they added: “She now has the 2011 Grammy for being the Best new Artist — Even though no-one has ever heard of her!” added one anonymous fan. “Justin Bieber deserved it. Go die in a hole!” was another entry.

The page was quickly locked by Wikipedia’s admins and the entries have since been deleted.

After the awards, the two artists bumped into one another and he congratulated her on the win and the two singers shook hands. Sadly that his fans could be as graceful…