Justin Bieber Faints, Posts Shirtless Hospital Pic On Twitter Afterwards [PHOTOS]

Justin Has Wings!
The pop star wore wings during a show in the UK.
Way to keep things sexy Biebs.

Last night, Justin Bieber left the stage midway through a song after suffering from shortness of breath.

Some reports said the singer collapsed on stage but new video that has emerged suggests he stopped singing, put his hand to his face, and stooped forward looking tired.

He took a 20-minute break backstage where he reportedly fainted and was given oxygen by doctors. He then completed his set and was later taken to hospital. He felt well enough to tweet this sexy shirtless pic of himself on Twitter. 

Bieber has now been released and is expected to finish the last of four concerts at the O2 this evening.

A spokesman said: “Justin has been released from the hospital after a check-up and while he’s feeling a little under the weather, he’s planning on going ahead with tonight’s show.”

Such the little pop start trooper.

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