Justin Bieber Continues To Make Girls Scream By Performing ‘As Long As You Love Me’ On ‘Ellen’ [VIDEO]

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The last time I heard frantic screaming like this on Ellen was when One Direction performed live for a whole bunch of audience members outdoors. I couldn’t even estimate how many screaming girls were there. All I know is they were the most vocal group I’ve ever heard.

Unlike the last major performance, this one was indoors. I’m sure the audience was just as loud though. After Justin Bieber was announced, the camera showed two women who looked like they were celebrating the happiest moment of their lives.

Everything looked fine at the beginning of the performance except one thing. Bieber’s shoes drove me crazy. They looked all red and didn’t complement his outfit at all.

Perhaps they looked better in person, but on screen I really wasn’t feeling them.

Hearing this version of the song actually made me like it better. Acoustic versions are almost always superior to the original. This time I actually understood what he was singing about and it didn’t sound distorted at all.

Are you like one of those screaming girls, or are you unimpressed by the Biebs and his performance?

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