Justin Bieber Calms Down A Nervous Fan, Arrives For Victoria Secret Fashion Show Rehearsal [SUPER CUTE VIDEO]

Shirtless Bieber
Justin shows off his abs and Calvin Klein underwear.
So as if Justin Bieber isn’t already perfect enough, the pop star keeps reminding us how good he is with his fans!

During a recent interview with a lucky Belieber, Justin takes care of his young fan after she looks like she is ready to pass out for how nervous she is! He tells her to take a deep breath and to pretend like he is her best friend!

After the nerves passed, the young girl asked the 19-year-old some interesting questions such as, what his favourite place on tour has been and what he would be doing if he was not the huge star he is today.

If you had to interview Justin Bieber, would you be nervous? I definitely would. Share you thoughts in comments and make sure to watch the super cute interview after the jump!