Justin Bieber Attacked On Stage By Freaky Hugging Enthusiast

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Justin Bieber Attacked On Stage During Dubai Concert
Bieber Under Attack!

Just a tip. No matter how much you really, really, really love a musical artist, do not hop up on stage and rush towards them. It never ends well.

This is what a Justin Bieber fan found out as the fan stormed the stage and grabbed Bieber, who was playing the piano at the time, from behind.

A swarm of security guards rushed the stage and lunged at the youth with Bieber managing to free himself and quicky dash to the side of stage. 

The security guards tussled with the offender who pushed the piano off its hinges and it clattered onto the stage, rendering it unplayable for the remainder of the show.

A fan who attend the concert uploaded a clip to Vine, which shows security rushing to lift the grand piano as Bieber continues to sing at the left of the stage.

According to UAE’s The National website, Bieber returned three minutes later for an encore finishing with songs Boyfriend and Baby.

It is hard being the Biebs.

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By Miu von Furstenberg

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