Justin Bieber Tries To Literally Never Show His Face Again

They're Everywhere!
Bieber was even spotted while buying groceries. Groceries!
I’d bet you anything that Justin Bieber wishes he could take a break from the limelight every once in awhile.

Bieber looked pretty uncomfortable when it turned out that the paparazzi were waiting for him after landing in Miami, FL earlier today. He certainly didn’t look dressed for an impromptu pap shot, casually dressed in sweats, a t-shirt, and some fun patterned socks for interest.

Guess that’s the price of fame!

At least there are some perks to the constant attention, like the charity concert that girlfriend Selena Gomez threw at the House of Blues in Los Angeles this past Friday, January 20th. Bieber showed up as moral support, but he wasn’t the only star; David Beckham and Ashley Tisdale also attended the concert, which raised over $200,000 on behalf of UNICEF.

Well, they say that no good deed goes unpunished…