Justin Bieber Arrested In Canada For ATV Crash And Assault, Still Spent The Weekend With Selena Gomez

Justin & Selena Kiss
The couple gets romantic during a sun filled vacation!
Ready for your Justin Bieber drama of the day?

After seeing photos of him on vacation in Canada with Selena Gomez for the Labor Day weekend, I assumed it would be something between them. Instead, Bieber was arrested on Friday after his ATV crashed into a minivan, and he and the driver of the minivan “engaged in a physical altercation.” 

According to TMZ, the minivan driver was a paparazzo, so that makes sense. I bet he was taking these photos of Justin and Selena riding the ATV

Justin was released on the “promise to appear and is due to appear in a Stratford court on Sept. 29.” So yeah, let’s see if that actually happens. As mentioned, the assault and crash happened on Friday, but clearly Justin and Selena didn’t let that ruin the rest of their vacation.

The duo were still hanging out poolside, cuddling and Justin even played a few rounds of golf with his dad. And bless him, he did it shirtless. I can only tolerate the Biebs when he’s shirtless. It upsets me, but I like his body.

We’ll keep you updated if anything new and fun happens. So while you wait, you should launch the gallery and stare at some Jelena photos. I’m 1,000% over them. Are you?