Justin Bieber And Ashton Kutcher Promote ‘Punk’d,’ Bieber Plays Hardball With Kutcher [VIDEO]

Justin Bieber's Jesus Tattoo
Bieber shows off his heavenly tribute tattoo.
Justin Bieber and Ashton Kutcher appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote a new season of Punk’d on MTV, which will feature a new host every episode.  Bieber, in his leather get-up and blue sneakers, looked intimidated to be sitting next to a relaxed Kutcher, who only needed a shirt and jeans to compete with the Biebs.

Kutcher has been using Airbnb, a worldwide service that allows customers to book rooms or homes while traveling around the world.

“I started living on this service called Air B&B, where you can basically go online and rent a house or a room in a house. It’s sort of like travelling around the world, living on this service,” Kutcher explained.

“I knew I had to come back and do Two And A Half Men in January so I found this amazing house in LA that was on Air B&B and I booked this house to stay in for three months. I was away, I booked the house, it was all done.”

Well, not so fast.  A wee little Canadian who can’t legally drink in the states was about to lay the financial smackdown on Kutcher.  Check out what happened after the jump.