Just Thinking About ‘Weeds’ Season 6 Gets Me High

I can’t even tell you how captivated I have become with Showtime’s Weeds. For a while it was very plausible and then it just went insane and I decided to just go with it, let it take me wherever it wanted to go. If I could suspend my disbelief and patience for Lost or Nip/Tuck, why not Weeds as well?

Season 6 is about to return on Monday, Aug. 16 and this season the family is on the run – yep, again. If you’ll remember, season 5 ended with Shane killing Pilar, a priceless moment. My favorite thing is that Alanis Morissette will be returning to the show to play Andy’s (Justin Kirk) love interest and Nancy’s (Mary Loise Parker) doctor.

And from the looks of these promo shots, the Botwins may be staying and working at a hotel? The cosmic inability of this to happen in real life is what draws me to this show. And check out the rat’s nest of a scare-cut Nancy gets this season!