Just Plain Odd

September 19th, 2005 // 22 Comments

Tim’s always been odd looking. Helena just looks bizarre. What is up with all the strange jewelry Johnny Depp is wearing?

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Johnny Chicago

    Johnny Depp went from being a smiling cool dude in the early 90s to being a “reclusive” fruit. Fuck him.

    Tim Burton went from being the nerds/goth kids next Orson Welles and a smiling cool dude in the early 90s to being a “reclusive” fruit too. Fuck him.

    Helena Bonham Carter??? Huh?
    Shock value language + director boyfriend = ecch.
    Fuck her. Twice. With a broom handle.


  2. Johnny Chicago

    p.s. – they probably have had threesomes, but since she was using the strap-on on BOTH of them, it isn’t really sex, is it? Huh, hah?

  3. Maggie

    Why is Johnny Depp wearing mom jeans?

  4. DJ

    Looks like Mr. Depp has taken up farming in france?? Well any who still love him.

  5. Ket

    i really think Johnny is one of the best actors out there. But he’s spending too much time dressed as a pirate lately…..he’s incorporating this weird pirate style jewelry into his everyday wardrobe…..

  6. tempy

    I love Tim Burton’s roller set hairdo. Helena Bonham Carter has always been nutty. She played the Hell outta that ape though. Johnny Depp is one of the best actors out there. Maybe his kids made his jewelry.

  7. Katie

    Whatever, Johnny Depp is sexy as hell. He could wear polka-dot pajamas and red lipstick and he’d still look hot.

  8. Michelle

    Amen, Katie.

  9. Andrea

    I love all 3 of them.

  10. Marie

    Ha! Mom Jeans! Good one! Seriously, they look like my grampa’s farmer jeans. I mean look how much friggin material is there b/n the crotch and waistline! You could fit Winona down in there!

  11. Candy

    Hahaha, that picture is hilarious. Why is Depp wearing high waisted blue jeans – he looks like Geraldo Rivera!

  12. mischa

    Don’t get me wrong, I love Johnny Depp. He just comes off as looking like a rapist janitor in this pick. Creepy!

  13. mimi

    I am confused why people are bashing jonny and Tim. Thet are both awesome and totally entertaining. There arew some very angry people posting today, its scaring me.

  14. jojo

    If you are as hot as Johnny Depp you may wear anything you please, those who are not as hot as Johnny, do not try this anywhere but at home, please.

  15. DJ

    Maybe Johnny has blueballitis? Anyone with that wouldnt want to wear tight pants. Its all that great sex he has with his wife.;)

  16. SMroxs

    Love Tim, love his movies. Love Johnny, love his movies. Helen Bonham-Carter, well, it just goes to show that the perk of dating Time Burton is that you have a guaranteed career.

  17. hahah

    I thought I was the only who noticed his jeans that are up to his armpits. LMAO

  18. saima

    Johny is just so beautiful that he is trying to sabatoge himself. He’s purposely trying to look odd so he won’t be a pretty boy. JMHO

  19. deeppthroat

    That’s one kinky threesome…
    If I were Helena I’d be seriously wanting to give Johnny a shaft with my strap on…then he’d of course have to hit one out of the ball park for me.
    Okay, he’s not as steamy as he used to before before he got tangled up with that French Pussy Kat….
    He’s making too much of an effort to look old and odd with the Barnet Fiffe style pants…
    the jewelry is questionable but give him a bit of a kinky flame appeal….
    I’d still fuck him. He’s a great actor.

  20. Hottie Scottie

    The man has a lot to pack in those pants. Can you blame him for uping the size by a few numbers? The monstrous buldge would have frightened the children.

  21. Phlebas

    He looks stoned. And fat. And old. Maybe he’s trying to alienate all the 12-19 year old girls that are in love with him.

  22. Tara

    Burton looks stoned and fat and old. Depp looks…endearingly goofy. He could go shopping and stick all his purchases in his pants.

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