Just Because: Cristiano Ronaldo And His Short Shorts

June 16th, 2009 // 8 Comments

I know, we’ve been on Cristiano Ronaldo overload today, but come on, Matthew McConaughey hasn’t been shirtless in weeks. Cristiano Ronaldo spent yet another day showing off his physique and perfecting his tan by the pool at his hotel in Beverly Hills, California.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. american dreamer

    The people who run this site are such “muscle queens”. They go all ga ga over guys with big muscles no matter how fugly or stupid they are.

  2. carrie

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  3. MaVick

    There you go again American dreamer. you must have a cottage chesse ass, and you are male or female? either one you sound bitter and jealous and Also @#$%^ pretty damn ugly in other word a LOOSER!!!!!!!! Right?

  4. misslala

    I think he’s nasty. Plus, he loves hookers and has messed around with Paris Hilton. What makes this guy attractive? Look at the disgusting veins in his legs. Bleh.

  5. Mavick

    God I wish I were a girl so Ronaldo would screw me like a screen door banging in the wind.

    But I’m just another lonely freak trolling the internet for company.

  6. rhydderch

    I would drink Cristiano’s dirty bath water

  7. american dream

    God i wish i was slim & trim! but im so fat and discusting that Cristiano will probably slap my mother for bringing me to this world!

  8. Brendan

    Stop saying such nasty things, you guys are disgusting!

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