Just Another Typical Shopping Trip For Michael Jackson And The Kids

April 27th, 2009 // 20 Comments

Hmm. If I were to shop at Ed Hardy (it would have to be at gunpoint), this is probably what I’d wear. Feathered masks tend to make ugly fashion look slightly more fashionable.

Michael Jackson took the kids, Paris, Prince and Blanket out for a little bout of shopping. This was after the family stopped at a medical building for a little touch up I guess?

Michael can be seen leaving the medical building holding a picture of an unidentified woman (see the thumbnail below for a closer look). Any guesses as to whom the woman might be?

Gallery Info: Michael Jackson goes shopping at Ed Hardy with his children

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Angie

    *That’s* the nose I want Dr! Can you make it happen?!

  2. American Dreamer

    As a parent I get angry every time I see these ridiculous pictures of Michael Jackson’s kids.

    I bet he keeps them moving so child welfare services don’t catch up with him. Someone needs to assess their living situation.

    Wasn’t the mother of the children suing for custody? What happened to that?

  3. Judith Coyle

    No, Debbie Rowe did look into custody but decied against it. She just did that becuase he (MJ) would not return her calls. They are amicably settled now. I think you need better things to get irate about.

  4. Jenny

    MJ is a great father, this are very friendly, healthy and lucky kids. And they have the masks on because of the Papparazi, i can understand it.

    He is a much better father, than much of the other stars!!!

    MJ, i love you!

  5. american dreamer

    If Michael Jackson’s only indiscretion is making his kids wear those masks in public (which I suppose is a good idea for security reasons) I stand corrected.

    But I’ve read the kids don’t go to school with other kids and have ABSOLUTELY NO FRIENDS THEIR OWN AGE–JUST EACH OTHER.

    Just like Brangelina’s kids they are touted around the globe. You don’t need a degree in psychology to know that these kids will not have a normal development without opportunity to learn and interact with their peers.

  6. Mr. Jacksons Slave

    Angie, That was uncalled for. Highly stupid and pathetic too. Grow up already?

    American Dreamer, You get angry when you see pictures of Michael’s children in masks? That’s not your place to get angry. Prince, Paris, and Blanket wear them for protection reasons, besides there have been times when they’ve gone in public without the masks in which people have seen their faces. Look Prince, Paris and Blanket are Michael’s children and despite what the media says, Michael knows what he’s doing and is a very good father. So it’s not a matter of what you like, if it angers you… Move on look elsewhere but its not up for you to judge. As for the custody thingy with Debbi, it’s over with. Michael has full custody of His children! Again and this is implied for everyone. If People only come here to view the photos and be stupid or ignorant then take it elsewhere. It’s really lame and it’s kinda old now, you know? Picky on Michael or on His children. Seriously GROW UP!!! Michael is a wonderful father, a very good and caring man and an amazing person! I can’t stress that enough he is amazing!

    Miu von Furstenberg,
    You’re artical was stupid. Completely rediculous. Michael goes to the doctors a lot becuz of his health. You wanna turn it into something lame in which you find funny? Well it’s not, in fact it makes me feel sorry for you. You should open your eyes before you open your mouth. The only thing good about this artical was the pictures! Prince, Paris and Blanket have grown up to be so lovely it makes my heart smile. I’m amazed how much they’ve grown… so cute. And Michael there are no words to discribe his beauty inside and out. The sad thing is the world will never get to know the REAL Michael Jackson becuz of the media, why should he break himself to show the man he really is when the media has blinded so many to what they want you to believe he really is? It’s sad to me cuz the world will never get to see and enjoy the wonderful man he really is! Your loss I guess? As for the picture, It was given to him inside, its a fan. Nothing more and shes not a grown women she’s a teenager. Just a fan, get over it! Everytime Michael’s seen standing next to a women they all wanna say “who is she or That must be MJ’s girlfriend or whatever else” Funny though people always say so and so must be his girlfriend when everyones at the same time accusing him of being gay… O.o tell me how that works? Hmm… Actually it’s pretty sad. For the record Michael Jackson isn’t gay of course DUH!!! But also just cuz a women hugs him or shakes his hand or gives him a picture ect… It doesnt mean its a new girlfriend and it surely isn’t something to go making a mountian out of when its not even a full sized ant hole!! Ok… With the above said, i do believe I’m done on that note… God bless!

    My deepest Love to Michael, Prince, Paris, Blanket and my man Simba! I Love You Simba xoxo <3
    Love, Jennifer!

  7. Mr. Jacksons Slave

    American Dreamer says: “But I’ve read the kids don’t go to school with other kids and have ABSOLUTELY NO FRIENDS THEIR OWN AGE–JUST EACH OTHER.”

    Again American Dreamer, Your information is wrong, wrong wrong!!


  8. You know

    Those kids need to be away from serial child-molester Michael Jackson and with some normal individuals, preferably the real parents. Michael Jackson is a child-molesting, drug dealing pathetic piece of excuse for a human being; hopefully he repents and tells all about how he is hooked up with terrorists and is a serial pedophile and child pornographer.

    All those kids he molested at Neverland Ranch have been damaged and he is accountable.

  9. Mr. Jacksons Slave

    You Know,
    All I have to say to you is, Get a life stop living in your world of make believe. You’re a sad excuse for a human being. As for Michael Jackson He is a wonderful man, He has done no harm to anyone. You like most are blinded by the wrong doings and rediculous things of the media! Grow up, get a life and be on your way. You ain’t no bodys judge. There’s only one true judge and thats GOD!!! Michael knows he’s never harmed anyone God knows Michael hasn’t harmed anyone… what You speak is trash and not truth. Maybe you should repent for your wrong doings!


  10. American Dreamer

    A leopard doesn’t change its spots!

    Its only a matter of time before Michael introduces his kids to Jesus Juice.

    The only reason that Michael Jackson wasn’t sent to prison for child molestation is because he paid that first kid millions….tens of millions.

    I certainly hope that Michael hasn’t repeated his offenses with his kids but it seems possible especially since they clearly aren’t his genetic offspring….they are completely white. Nothing wrong with that except it shows his phobia with his own race.

    The people who are protecting Jackson can’t deny his history of child molestation.

    Why dont you meet me for some Jesus Juice at a local bar and we can discuss more fully.

  11. Ellebee

    Nah, this looks a little off, but I don’t think he did anything he was sued for.

    True, the kids should be more out, maybe less with MJ. (without masks)

    I find it curious that the eldest boy imitates his Dad so much :)
    I think by now he can dance better than Michael Jackson.

  12. Dandyn

    His kids do have friends and playmates. Just last month when they were in England they spent a lot of time with Mark Lester his wife and his 4 children. Mark Lester and MJ have been friends since they both were 10 and their kids have been seen on pictures together since at least 10 years ago.
    MJ also is friends with the family of the late Gregory Peck, and they went to a Halloween Party together just last year.
    Also, Prince just his Birthday party earlier this year and it was reported that he had guests as well.
    Just because we don’t see them does not mean that his kids do not have friends

  13. munk

    yeah, its no wonder he would wanna move out of the USA, everyone here is so brainwashed by everything they believe in the media. i admit i dont agree with the facial reconstruction bits, but damn if they didnt do exactly what they wanted to do with him, and thats destroy and good name he had in order to turn him into the biggest tabloid marketing gimmick ever. i also dislike how everyone seems to think that a celebrities life is really no different then their own, therfor all these parents should be doing, and pictured doing, the ‘Leave It To Beaver’, picture perfect family.
    hes probably the biggest celebrity, ever, which is why he has to move around alot. once they know where he lives, the papz dont leave him alone. hes fairly private, but only because the media twists everything he says to make him sound like a freak. imagine that your the most popular person in the world, do you want your kids to be hounded with that popularity? im pretty sure he tries the best he can, but with how bad his name has been dragged through the mud here in ‘the good ol’ U S of A, theres no way he can have any sort of normal life. i truly feel sorry for him and wish him and his kids the best.

  14. Rachel

    american dreamer,
    you clearly have only read snippets of media reports and not the full story…
    he has already had social workers contact him,round the time of the balcony incident and the bashir documentary, he had several social worker an child physcologists visit and question his kids and they found them to be happy,polite,sane an well balanced kids,an all reports that i have read from people who have spent time with his kids hav supported this
    if there is anything that will mess them up in the head, i think it will be people like us!-when one day they start to read reports and websites like this and other articles with people mocking and discussing their father and calling him a peadophile and other names and saying horrible stuff about him(although i must say this one is rather tame compared to some others)especialy if hes innocent

    it was actually his people that paid the first child- mj had become so depressed and addicted to drugs over the thing he barely knew what was goin on an they thought a settlement was best as they worried mj wouldnt survive the ordeal of a trial, but to me that says that the parents were after him for money-just my opinion-and i cant understand how people read into it the other way…

    personaly i think he should have stayed in ireland-he made many trips out there with his kids and there isnt one photo or negative press report-we know how to treat celebs :)

  15. Nicky

    All I can say is don’t call someone stupid for having an opinion. Some people love Michael and some people don’t. You won’t sway people either way. Let people say what they want to say. You have to admit Michael is a little strange.

  16. Gabby

    He should just get the kids the surgical masks and aviators like he has….that would draw less attention lol

    And I love Michael. I really do. I don’t live with him 24/7, so I can’t really comment on his parenting skills. However, from what I see, those children seem very loved and happy. He’s probably a better father than the majority of men are in the U.S

    As for the whole not going to school with other kids, who cares!?!? If they where never exposed to it in the firt place, they probably don’t miss a thing!

  17. who cares?

    really? I don’t know the man or his family, so let them be.

  18. Prusjjru

    dZO2hR comment3 ,

  19. sandra

    who is the girl in the photograph that he is holding?

  20. ms.jackson lover

    firstly , why do yu care about the picture of the woman in his hands? that’s not strange to carry around pictures of people you love or care about . & secondly, you don’t know if he went to the center for a very serious medical condition other then plastic surgery . thirdly , his kids wore masks bcus’ he was afraid someone would see their idenities & take them away from him . he LOVED his kids . they were & still are his life even if he’s gone now . his personal life , & conditions DON’T concern you . & debbie rowe said they had sex for prince & paris . he didn’ t pay her , that’s just the trash in the magazines ! && most importantly he did NOT NOT NOT molest children ! he was ACCUSED . & he WASN’T found guilty bcus they had no evidence to prove he did anything sexual to those stupid kids . the authorities took naked pictures of him for goodness sake ! & in those pictures they found NOTHING ; no evidence to prove he did the crime . so he paid them off to end it all . so let me ask you this , IF SOMEONE RAPED YOUR CHILD , WOULD YOU ASK FOR MONEY OR FOR HIM TO BE PUT IN JAIL FOR LIFE ? no , these families wanted MONEY , they wanted millions of dollars from him . if a guy molested my child , i wouldn’t ask for money . i would demand for him to be put in jail for life ! so please have a little common sense . i have no problem with your opinions on his music . but when it comes to his PRIVATE life , you have no right to judge . & plus he’s gone now . give him respect at the least . give his children & family the respect . he deserves it after all the shit the media & stupid families put him through . so please just shut up ! ugh , anyways … i love you michael jackson (=

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