Just Like Hansel, OnePiece Is So Hot Right Now

Large pieces of fleece are certainly having their moment.  While at Perez Hilton’s birthday party Saturday night, I noticed a few vagabonds running around in onesies.  Assuming it was part of some hipster movement,  I didn’t blink twice when a gentleman wrap in an American Flag design ran by me.  Nor did I bother to tilt my head in an attempt to read what Jason Wahler’s jammies said  (“ONEPIECE”).

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Well, did I miss the boat.  Earlier today my sister came across a Boston.com article highlighting the recent trend and asked me which pattern suited her best.  At a starting price point of $187, I told her she’s better off buying a Kindle.  In the article, the writer explored the origins and hype of the OnePiece, started in 2007 by a few Norwegian twenty-somethings looking for comfy post-hangover wear.  London’s Evening Standard was quoted as calling the OnePiece “The winter trend of 2010″ and contestants on the U.K.’s X Factor sported them during a photo shoot last August.

So what do you say, America?  Are you ready to replace your Snuggie with the OnePiece?