Just Cause We Love Her: Emma Stone Looks Adorable In Los Angeles [PHOTOS]

Emma Stone At The Oscars
The presenter in Giambattista Valli.
Emma & Andrew
The cute couple lights up the Empire State Building.
Emma Stone on gwen stacy
The 'Spider-Man' star shares her thoughts on her character.
Oh Emma Stone. How are you constantly so cute?

The super starlet was spotted in Los Angeles today on her way to visit a good friend. I’m a little bit obsessed with Emma’s outfits as of late. Especially that jacket she’s sporting. Hey look! That’s the same jacket she wore in Paris!

Too bad super hot boyfriend, Andrew Garfield wasn’t with her. They’re basically one of the cutest couples ever. Especially when they send out messages via the paparazzi. So what has Emma been up to recently?

Well, she’s getting ready to present at the Halo Awards, which honors teens who are leading and making a difference. Aww, of course Emma would be involved in something like that. She’s basically the best person ever.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Emma’s adorableness. Do guys find her as fantastic as I do? Am I gushing a little bit? Who else wants to be best friends with Emma? We need the answers to all these and more in the comments!