Just Cause: Ryan Gosling Looks Hot With A Schwinn [PHOTOS]

June 2nd, 2012 // Leave a Comment

Looks like it’s time to bust out the summer bikes if we want to keep up with Ryan Gosling.

The super studdly actor was spotted in Studio City picking up what appears to an old school looking Schwinn bike from a friend. Imagine biking around and suddenly seeing Ryan Gosling. Yes!

Sure, we’re gonna have to fight girlfriend Eva Mendes for a shot at him, but I think we can take her. Although, I’d feel bad since they do look incredibly cute together. You know who else Ryan looks amazing with?

Emma Stone. I mean, if I didn’t love her and Andrew Garfield so much I’d be rooting for an Emma/Ryan match up. Just look at them steaming it up in the trailer for their new film.

Here’s the plan, I’ll go grab my cruiser, you guys grab your bikes and we’ll meet in Studio City and keep our eyes peeled for a hot dude on  Schwinn. Also, “You think that’s a Schwinn?”


By Sabba Rahbar

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