Just Call Kim Kardashian’s Hubby “Kate”

All sorts of comments and stories are popping up regarding this weekend’s Kardashian sweet sixteen bash wedding, and no one’s really said much about the groom, Kris Humphries.

The redwood NBA player was more of an ornament at his own nuptials than co-sharer of attention, but Humphries’ friends don’t want the newlywed chap to forget his role in the elaborate dog-and-pony showy.  According to the New York Post, Humprhies’ new nicknames is “Kate,” because like the Duchess of Cambridge, he married into royalty.  He wishes.

VIDEO: Kim Kardashian’s Extravagant Wedding Ceremony

The couple touched down in Naples, Italy yesterday for a minimoon in Capri before settling down in New York. Kim and Kris will take a long honeymoon next year after their schedules lighten up.