Just Because: Zachary Quinto Goes Skinny Dipping

If you’re not already following Zachary Quinto on Instagram you’re really missing out on some amazing photographs.

Not the least of which is the above photo of Zachary skinny dipping that he posted yesterday. I saw the photo in my Instagram feed on my phone with the caption, “private pool is golden rule,” and thought, “Hold up, is he naked?” I had to get to a bigger screen before learning that yes friends, yes he is. 

Also, how glorious does that pool look?

But here’s the thing, doesn’t it look like his arm has disappeared into his butt and leg? Oh come on, like you haven’t been staring at it trying to figure that out. Like, that’s his knee and his butt, but where did the arm go?

I have no idea what Zachary is up to right now, I just know that it seems wonderful and I want to be with him.

So go! Follow Zachary Quinto on Instagram! We might even get some more naked shots soon. Obviously, they will be tasteful.