Just Because: Will Smith’s Muscles Look Really Rather Nice In His Tight Shirt

Yes, we’re gonna stare at Will Smith’s muscles, because hot damn! What muscles!

The Hollywood A-lister was spotted in Ibiza, Spain today, chatting with the crowd and wearing a very nice, tight shirt. Everyone seemed to be taking pictures of Will, but he just took it all in stride. You know why? Cause he’s Will Smith.

For being such a high profile actor I don’t see many paparazzi shots of him. So enjoy this folks! 

No idea where the rest of the Smith family is, but it’s OK cause we’ve got Thing One and Thing Two. Those are the very clever names I’ve given to his muscles. So did you guys think about Will last week? You must have, right? I mean, it was Independence Day. And every Independence Day, since 1996, Will and Jeff Goldblumhave been consistently trending. It’s wonderful.

Like Will’s muscles. So turn your brain off for a second and stare at them. They’re just in the gallery waiting for you. I know, you’re welcome.